GTX 1660TI

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    • Honestly this card pretty much slaughters AMD's cards at this moment. While the AMD 7 is performancewise on par with the RTX 2080, but matches the price AMD doesn't really pose competition in the higher tier, we don't have anything competing with the GTX 1160TI, which is odd to see since AMD typically did have better value cards in the mid tier.

      This seems really weird, that NVIDIA would actually offer the best price to performance ratio card.
      Tho compared to previous architecture, the performance isn't that big. (compare 960 to GTX 1060 for instance).
    • Azmodiuz wrote:

      yeah I was looking at this and I think they targeted 300-400USD price range, while at 400$ I'm like "no way" at 300$ I would consider it for builds, I think performance is supposed to be on par with 1070 or such.
      I didn't watch the video mind you (at the office elsewhere)
      It's on par with GTX 1070 and cost under 300.

      Yeah Nvidia actually killed AMD this time around.