Just some 8700K lapping Pictures

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    • Just some 8700K lapping Pictures

      This is the sort of mirror shining I do when I delid, sometimes you guys never see the work I do so thought to share.

      I am not 100% sure on specifics on how much it changes, but one day we will actually record every charge in separate fields and see what the difference is.

      hope you like, enjoy!
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    • Danishblunt wrote:

      Sexy Delid :love:

      Danishblunt wrote:

      Sexy Delid :love:
      I probably make this look easier then it is too, but when you've done it a bazillion times you know how to get the results, and fast/quick.

      First you delid, obviously, then you clean with your usual lemon/orange scented arctic cleaner (never skip out on this, like don't use alcohol).Get the good stuff, it works for a reason.

      This will be oily, then use the secondary, and it should cleanup nicely.

      Get your rough grits of sand paper out and lightly scratch the surface, doing a well established pattern for mirror shining, look it up or google it if unsure.

      Work your way towards 2500 grit or higher or use a clay tool and leather. I use a combination and even skip steps because I know when I'm ready for the next step just visually at this point, which takes some practice.

      Alternatively you can finish off with a dremel for polishing too. It will get the IHS VERY hot so I suggest not thinking of holding it in your hand or putting it on any sensitive surface that might burn or melt, like wooden or plastic lacquered tables.

      Then use your cleaners again. Then again. you'll see it's soaking up the clay and grit over and over, do so until your whipping nothing back but the cleaner itself 100%. Any small molecules of sand or clay are your literally worst enemy - they are massive insulators, like, sand is essentially silicon and clay, well shit they use the ground for GROUND for a reason.

      Now once everything is good, and you got that polished shine, go ahead and do your TIM or LM paste of preference and enjoy !