[Collective thread] Alienware 51M

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    • [Collective thread] Alienware 51M

      Here is some Information regarding the Thermals and such for the Alienware 51M and RTX 2080 + 9900K!

      I was looking into the german Alienwareforum and there have been posted some really useful screenshots.

      This screenshot is taken when prime95 is running and heaven benchmark to simulate max temperatures.

      Here is a screen of the temps while playing apex:

      This is undervoilted by -80mv and OC to 5ghz on all cores. Overall the Alienware does handle the temps ok, but does give in when it comes to a higher load. While it can handle light to medium gaming, it will throttle down to 4.5ghzish when people try something like a very demanding game such as BF5, FF15 or stream while playing a graphicially demanding game. It's very important to note that the notebook has a shared heatsink design as shown here:

      Now this is important because it means if you do extremely demanding CPU stuff such as rendering a video without using the GPU to much, it can cool down the CPU. However it does struggle once you use both components. Overall it went as expected, for a notebook it's impressive what Alienware has made here, however, notebooks are simply not ready for 8 cores yet.